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cross-country driving — езда по пересечённой местности driving test — а) дорожное испытание автомобиля; б) испытание дороги

Перевод 'driving' в русском бесплатном словаре и многие другие русские переводы. EN driving перевод на английский.

Driving Games. Get ready to drive cars, bikes, boats, atvs and almost any other vehicle that you can think of!

ˈdraɪvɪŋ 1. сущ. 1) езда all within three minutes driving ≈ все в пределах трех минут езды 2) вождение автомобиля city driving ≈ вождение.

Play 3D driving games and enjoy beautiful view on your car from various angles in garage or in action. Beat all your opponents and become a true driving legend!

Driving is the controlled operation and movement of a motorized vehicle with wheels, such as a car, motorcycle, truck, or bus by either a human or computer controller. The origin of the term driver, as recorded from the 15th century, refers to the occupation of driving working animals...

If you like driving skills more that speed feeling, after all driving does not only depend on speed but also skill, we have It's driving time! Let's get your car ready with proper equipment and start driving!

If bike driving games have satisfied your need for supreme speed and you feel like trying some driving games of skill now, how about enjoying some great car parking games?

Our best Driving Games include and 1126 more. Here is a collection of our top driving games for you to play.
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